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Simple Traffic System

The Easy Road Network enables the swift creation of interconnected routes based on waypoints, allowing the establishment of traffic routes within your scenes. The main logic has been extensively optimized using the latest C# Job System and Burst Compiler for efficient multi-threading.

A centralized AI Traffic Controller of Simple Traffic System manages the AI traffic behavior, with AI Traffic Cars registering to it. This data-oriented structure enables parallel execution of AI logic across multiple cores, reducing CPU usage on the main thread.

Comprehensive tutorial videos, spanning 90 minutes, provide clear and concise guidance on proper workflow and showcase the available features.

? WebGL Demo
? PC Demo
? Discussion Forum
? User Manual

? Key Features of Simple Traffic System

No external libraries: Complete access to the source code!

Modular approach:

  • Easily create, connect, and modify waypoint routes for AI cars to follow.

Waypoint-based navigation:

  • Each waypoint can define speed limits, initiate a driving stop, serve as a junction to new route points, or trigger custom events through the Unity inspector.

Traffic Lights:

  • Exercise control over when AI cars can exit waypoint routes.

Yield Triggers:

  • Regulate when AI cars can proceed to the next waypoint at intersections with traffic lights.

Traffic Stops:

  • Manage when AI cars can exit waypoint routes.

Pooling System:

  • Deactivates cars that are far from the player and spawns cars in proximity, allowing scalability without increasing car count.

Unity Physics Components:

  • AI cars utilize Rigidbody and Wheel Colliders.

Vehicle Types:

  • Determine which cars can spawn or merge onto specific routes.

Volume Sensors:

  • Enhance detection accuracy compared to ray casts, employing a layer mask to identify objects for detection.

? Editor Utility Tools

Supports Undo/Redo

STS Tools Window: Offers a variety of tools to streamline waypoint route configuration tasks, minimizing the need to navigate through the hierarchy for references and settings.

Lane Connector: Displays handles in the scene view at the end of route waypoints, enabling automatic configuration of lane change points by selecting two routes.

Route Connector: Presents handles in the scene view over route waypoints, facilitating the creation of route connections between waypoints.

Route Editor: Allows viewing and editing of all waypoints within a selected route.

Signal Connector: Shows handles in the scene view over route waypoints and traffic lights, enabling the connection or disconnection of route traffic signal lights.

Spawn Points: Displays handles in the scene view over waypoints, facilitating the manual addition or removal of spawn points, random assignment of spawn points to all waypoints, or removal of spawn points from all waypoints.

Spline Route Creator: Generates multiple waypoint routes and associated waypoints along a spline, with a unique offset for each, streamlining the creation of routes and waypoints on large curved or inclined roads.

Stop Connector: Reveals handles in the scene view over end-of-route waypoints and traffic stops, allowing the connection or disconnection of route traffic stops.

Yield Triggers: Exhibits handles in the scene view over route waypoints and yield triggers, aiding in the connection or disconnection of waypoints and yield triggers.

Asset Integrations:

? IK Avatar Driver
? Stylized Vehicles Pack – Low Poly

Project Requirements:

  • Access Player Settings (Edit -> Project Settings -> Player) and set API Compatibility Level to .Net 4.x.
  • Open the Package Manager (Window -> Package Manager) and install Burst 1.2.3 and Collections 0.1.1.
  • To utilize the burst compiler in standalone builds, ensure the installation of the Windows SDK and VC++ toolkit from the Visual Studio Installer.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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