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Character Customizer

Character Customizer is a versatile, general-purpose character customizer system.

-Latest version – 1.0

Render pipeline compatibility:

The Built-in Render Pipeline is Unity’s default render pipeline. It is a general-purpose render pipeline that has limited options for customization. The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is a Scriptable Render Pipeline that is quick and easy to customize and lets you create optimized graphics across a wide range of platforms. The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) is a Scriptable Render Pipeline that lets you create cutting-edge, high-fidelity graphics on high-end platforms.

Additional compatibility information:

  • The package is set up for HDRP but will work with any rendering pipeline with some tweaks. Instructions (bottom of page)


  • Character Customizer is a modular customization utility that comes with a male and female character. Menus can be set up by simply dragging and dropping and will work with any skinned meshes.
  • Automatic save system that stores material parameters, blend shapes, and other options and parses to a human-readable and editable JSON file. Save presets to a file or copy them to scriptable objects (NPCs etc)
  • At runtime, a simple scriptable object workflow instantiates and attaches clothing and hair to the characters. The characters have expression blend shapes for both the Oculus VR lipsync viseme standard and ARKit facial animation standard

Character Features:

  • 74 blend shapes with different shapes for nose, eyes, mouth, etc
  • 3 different skin textures
  • Tint options for lips, skin, eyes
  • Comes with roughly 30 clothing items per gender
  • 18 hairstyles and 4 beards
  • Hairstyles generally have bones for use with Dynamic Bone or similar
  • ARKit Face Tracking compatible FACS blend shapes
  • Oculus VR compatible viseme blend shapes
  • Bonus dummy character with 3 stylish hats

Character Customizer uses Libre Gothic under the Open Font License and Roboto under Apache Version 2.0; see Third Party Notices.txt file in a package for details.

Technical Details:

  • Characters come at 22k triangles, although the default character prefabs are a subdivided version at 73k triangles. Two additional LODs are at 10k and 2.5k triangles.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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