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Blaze AI Engine is an extensive, versatile, and fully customizable artificial intelligence (AI) system for creating enemy characters in any type of game. Whether you need melee, ranged, or cover shooter enemies, our AI engine has got you covered.

Our AI engine, known as Blaze AI, is designed to be fast, flexible, and highly customizable, offering incredible value for your money! Regardless of the genre of your game, Blaze AI can create intelligent, realistic, and challenging enemy NPCs of your choice. With just a simple click and without any programming required, it can transform any game object into a patrolling agent.

You’ll be amazed by the level of customization options available. Define your own animations, scripts, and audio effects. With a wide range of properties to choose from, you can always make your enemies unique. Additionally, we provide a ready-to-use AI agent prefab for your convenience. Blaze AI delivers excellent performance on all platforms, including mobile devices.

To see the full range of features, please click here to access the complete set of inspector screenshots and accompanying documentation. Take your time to explore the power of Blaze AI and discover its extensive customization options.

If you need support or have any questions, please join our Discord server.

This package is compatible with HDRP, URP, and built-in pipelines.


  • Vision system (customizable for each state)
  • Normal state
  • Alert state
  • Attack state
  • Chase behavior
  • Strafing
  • Melee/ranged combat and cover shooter capabilities
  • Gravity and falling simulation
  • Humanoid and Generic models support
  • Waypoints (pre-set routes or randomly generated from Navmesh)
  • Distractions system
  • NPC communication (agents interact with each other to reach a target)
  • AI vs AI interactions

More in Ai:

  • Animation root motion
  • Path smoothing
  • Reaction to getting hit
  • Death animations
  • Audio and animation reactions to specific tags
  • Local avoidance
  • Enemy scheduler (queues attacking enemies one by one)
  • Walking backward when the target is too close
  • Ability to run custom scripts in any state
  • Patrol audios (normal-alert state) or attack sounds
  • Scriptable objects (Blaze profiles) for easy management of different enemy types
  • And much more!

We haven’t overlooked the minor details that contribute to an exceptional AI engine, such as:

  • Path recalculation rate to optimize AI performance for your target platform
  • Reaction time settings for distractions
  • Option to check distraction location or not
  • The choice to avoid staring too closely at obstacles when reaching waypoints
  • Surprised emotion feature with custom animations and audio for encountering an enemy for the first time
  • Different patrol audios for each state
  • Random patrol idle animations (e.g., tying shoes, reloading gun)
  • Gravity simulation
  • Unlimited attack animations
  • And many other features!

You can effortlessly customize every aspect of your enemies by simply checking/unchecking options and filling in empty properties using our user-friendly and well-organized custom inspector. Blaze takes care of all the hard work, from movement to everything else, while leaving the attack scripts up to you. Just drag and drop your attack scripts into Blaze, and it will enable them during attacks.

This package includes 6 demos (as shown in the video) for built-in and URP pipelines to help you get started quickly. It also comes with a comprehensive documentation guide and well-commented, organized source code.

If you have any questions or encounter technical issues (bugs), please feel free to email us or join our Discord server.

If you find this tool useful, we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a quick and positive review. Your feedback means a lot to us.

Best of luck with your project!


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more details, please visit the Unity Asset Store:

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