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Eadon AI is a comprehensive AI solution that utilizes behavior trees to facilitate multiple character controllers. Although primarily designed for the Eadon Controller, Eadon AI is fully capable of driving characters built around the Malbers Animal Controller or Invector Third Person Controller. It also incorporates features for group behaviors and communication, which seamlessly function across different controllers.

Thorough documentation!

This asset includes an extensive documentation package spanning over 60 pages, readily available on our website as well.

Online assistance

Support is offered through our Discord server, accessible here.

Key Features:

Built upon the same character framework with complete access to all controller functionalities by the AI

  • Complete locomotion capabilities
  • Inventory management and equipment handling
  • Combat mechanisms
  • Comprehensive AI system based on behavior trees.
  • Behavior tree editor and debugger
  • Custom action system
  • Event-driven functionality
  • Behavior tree context (blackboard) with dynamic initialization
  • Behavior trees can be shared among multiple entities
  • Individualized initialization data for each character

Group interactions

Facilitates role-switching between party members (player to NPC and vice versa)
Leader/follower dynamics
Companion system for the main character (other NPCs, pets, etc.)
Events triggered by the death of the group leader
Orders issued by the group leader to members of the group
Formation orders can be given by both AI and players.

Navigation system independence.

Compatible with Unity’s built-in NavMesh system
Supports A* Pathfinding Project Pro
Ability to combine both systems within the same scene

3D pathfinding in spatial environments for flying creatures

Integration with Eadon RPG system

Optional compatibility with Invector TPC

Replace Invector FSM AI with this feature to harness behavior trees

Optional compatibility with Malbers Animal Controller

Replace Animal Controller Brain with this feature to leverage behavior trees
Enables group behaviors and interactions with animals/creatures
AI can mount and ride animals regardless of the controller used


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more information, please visit the Unity Asset Store to explore the details.

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