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Effortlessly incorporate GPT AI Integration into your project without the need for coding by utilizing the OpenAI API. This comprehensive toolkit provides ChatGPT capabilities that can tackle any inquiry and even generate code on your behalf. Save valuable time!

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This resource seamlessly integrates the OpenAI API and other tools into your project, enabling you to easily add AI functionalities to your game and the Unity editor, all without requiring any coding skills!

Within minutes, you can have dynamically generated personalities and engaging conversations with non-playable characters (NPCs) within your game. Additionally, the AI can generate and edit scripts in your project!

There are countless applications for this AI, limited only by your imagination.

Current API Integrations:

  • OpenAI’s GPT-4, GPT-4-32k, and GPT-3.5-turbo (ChatGPT), as well as previous models like davinci and codex.
  • OpenAI’s Whisper API (speech-to-text).
  • OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 API (text-to-image generation).
  • ElevenLabs API (generate AI voices with text-to-speech).

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This resource is designed with beginners in mind and fully supports Unity Visual Scripting!

To help you get started, the asset includes various AI tools:

????️????️ Unity Editor Tools ????️????️

????️????️Custom AI Chat Tool ????️????️ – This tool functions similarly to OpenAI’s Chat, serving as your own AI personal assistant capable of answering any question. Unlike the official Chat, you can customize the settings of this tool to fine-tune the responses you receive. By default, it is configured as a Unity game development expert, but you can modify its behavior through the settings. It can even generate scripts for you and save them directly to your project! Furthermore, it retains message history and maintains context awareness when replying.

???????? Script Editor ????????

– This tool enables you to analyze any script in your project using AI. It takes into account the message you provide and responds with suggestions. You can utilize this tool for script debugging, enhancements, or general modifications. If you agree with the AI’s recommendations, you can choose to automatically update the file.

NEW???????? Shader Generator????????

– With this tool, the AI can generate shaders for you! Simply describe the type of shader you need, and it will generate the code for you to review and automatically apply. Create shaders for your game using plain text prompts.

???????? Prompt Generator ????????

– Crafting the perfect prompt is crucial for obtaining exceptional results from AI tools. This tool automatically generates a high-quality prompt based on a brief description of the desired AI behavior. It provides a prompt template that you can edit and use with any other AI tool.

???????? Demo Implementations ????????

⛅⛅ Skybox Generator ⛅⛅ – Change the in-game skybox using the OpenAI Dall-E 2 API! The included well-documented C# example script demonstrates how to create AI-generated images either within the editor or during gameplay. Create your own skyboxes, materials, portraits, artwork, and more, all generated by AI and free to use!

???????? Voice Chat ????????

– Engage in in-game conversations with an AI using your voice, completely hands-free! Your audio is recorded via a microphone, transcribed into text using the OpenAI Whisper API, and sent to the GPT AI for a response. The response is then converted into an AI-generated voice using the ElevenLabs API. The code is extensively documented, making it easy to implement your own version. This demo showcases how you can interact with the AI without requiring any user input and receive unique voice responses!

???????? Dynamic Conversation ????????

– Have in-game conversations with an AI that remembers the content of previous exchanges and responds accordingly.

???????? Language Translation ????????

– What if you have players from different parts of the world who want to communicate but don’t share a common language? This implementation demonstrates how you can use AI to translate text between various languages.

Create your own AI implementations using the OpenAI API.

Manuals are available to guide you they will guide you to use features of GPT AI Integration.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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