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Crux – Procedural AI Spawner

Crux – Procedural AI Spawner is compatible with various versions of Unity, ranging from 5.2+ to Unity 2017+, including Unity 2018+.

AI Spawner 2.0 is an upcoming free update for Crux that brings a redesigned editor, dynamic weather and time of day spawning (using UniStorm), support for mesh terrains, enhanced API, and numerous other improvements.

This asset is a dynamic AI spawner that generates AI entities on terrains based on customized biomes and conditions. It simplifies the process of manually placing AI entities and ensures that each encounter is unique and realistic. Crux seamlessly integrates with all types of Unity terrains, whether they are procedurally generated, hand-designed, or endless. It optimizes performance by despawning AI entities that are beyond the player’s range and performing efficient calculations at regular spawn intervals.


  • Supports procedurally generated and endless Unity terrains.
  • Compatible with third-party terrain systems and shaders such as CTS, Gaia, Map Magic, and Distingo.
  • Works with any character controller system.
  • Compatible with AI systems that support spawning.
  • Integration with Emerald AI.
  • Supports Unity NavMesh.
  • made By the same team Emrald and UniStorm.

Key Features:

  • Built-in object pooling system.
  • Efficient and powerful – Crux optimizes performance by despawning AI entities beyond the player’s range and making efficient calculations at spawn intervals.
  • Unlimited Biomes – Supports an unlimited number of biomes.
  • Unlimited Objects – Allows an unlimited number of objects for each category.
  • Population Caps – Customizable caps for each object to maintain balanced and realistic environments.
  • Global Caps – Control over the maximum number of objects that can be spawned at a given time.
  • The Spawn ID System generates a unique Spawn ID for each game object, simplifying AI spawning to the player’s location during development and testing, just like in AAA games. This allows for easy reference and management of AI entities throughout the game development process.
  • Spawning and Despawning – Provides control over the spawning and despawning radius.
  • Encounter Rarity – Customizable encounter rarity for each AI entity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare).
  • Category-based Odds – Adjustable odds for each AI category (Wildlife, Creatures, and NPCs), although random spawning for each category is also supported.
  • Angle Detection and Restriction – AI spawns within the angle limits of the terrain.
  • Obstruction Avoidance – Automatically avoids spawning on non-terrain areas and objects to prevent obstructions.
  • Group Spawning – Customizable group numbers for spawning AI in randomized groups.
  • Spawn Radius – Customizable spawn radius for each group.

User-Friendly with a Gentle Learning Curve – The editor is easy to use with minimal learning required. No additional scripts are necessary; you only need to customize the desired conditions.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more information, please visit the Unity Asset Store for detailed product descriptions:

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