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I2 Text Animation

I2 Text Animation

Animations and Visual Effects for UI Texts:

Enhance your user interface with captivating animations and visual effects using the following tools:

Unity UI: This integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate animations and visual effects into your Unity user interface.
TextMeshPro: Utilize the power of TextMeshPro to create stunning text effects with advanced features such as rich text, dynamic text generation, and text styling.
NGUI: Extend the capabilities of NGUI (Next-Gen UI) by adding animated text effects to your user interface.

Key Features:

Essential Transforms: Modify individual characters in your text by applying various effects such as scaling, rotation, color and alpha adjustments, position changes, and more. These transformations add depth and visual appeal to your text elements.

Complex Sequences: Combine multiple transformations to create intricate animations with dazzling effects. By chaining together different changes, you can achieve visually impressive and dynamic text animations.

Custom Editors: Access intuitive custom editors that provide a visual interface for viewing and editing your animations. These editors offer features like timelines, delays, separation, target character selection, and many other parameters, enabling precise control over your text animations.

Targets: Apply animations to specific portions of your text, whether it’s individual characters, words, or phrases. This feature allows you to highlight and draw attention to specific sections of your text content.

To see the module in action, you can check out the demo with the example scenes provided. It provides a practical demonstration of how you can leverage the animations and effects to enhance your UI text.

The development of this module prioritizes your needs and preferences. You have the ability to vote for the features and improvements you desire through the published Roadmap. This ensures that the module evolves based on your requirements.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more information and to acquire the module, please visit the Unity Asset Store at the following link:

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