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POLYGON Icons Pack – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

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Synty Studios™ presents –

POLYGON – Symbol Collection

A collection of 3D model symbols designed to complement your Polygon-themed game.

◼ Main Features of POLYGON Icons Pack ◼

Over 520 3D model symbols in the Polygon style.

◼ Included POLYGON Icons Pack◼

This POLYGON Icons Pack comprehensive collection encompasses a diverse array of assets, providing a wide range of options for various purposes. This assortment includes delectable food illustrations, expressive letters, and an extensive selection of sports equipment. The tool offers a wide range of visually appealing UI elements to enhance the design’s aesthetics and functionality.

Discover a variety of crafting items to unleash your creativity and make one-of-a-kind projects. Embrace your passion for crafts and explore the possibilities with these imaginative materials. Let your creativity soar as you transform these crafting items into unique creations.

Technology enthusiasts seeking accurate hardware component representations can find a vast selection of computer parts. For those in need of weapons or awards for their designs, there is an extensive range of options available. This comprehensive collection aims to satisfy various creative needs, providing an abundance of assets across multiple categories.

◼ Compatibility of POLYGON Icons Pack with◼

Compatible with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). Refer to the URP Guide for more information.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more details and to purchase a license, visit the Unity Asset Store.

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