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Modern Procedural UI Kit

The Modern Procedural UI Kit (MPUIkit) is a versatile solution for Unity UGUI that enables you to create customizable UI elements using shapes and gradients instead of sprite assets. It provides a wide range of features and benefits for UI development.

Please refer to the following resources for more information:

  • Forum: Connect with the MPUIkit community for discussions and support.
  • Website: Explore the MPUIkit website to learn more about its features and capabilities.
  • Documentation: Access comprehensive documentation to guide you in using MPUIkit effectively.
  • Changelog: Stay updated on the latest changes and improvements made to MPUIkit.

MPUIkit is currently in active development, and you can track the progress by visiting the ClickUp Board.

Key Features:

Shapes and Their Properties:

Choose from 6 different shape modes, including Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, and N-Star Polygon.

Customize shapes with options for fill, stroke, and outline, allowing you to define arbitrary thickness.

Utilize edge falloff to achieve anti-aliasing and shadow effects.

Apply various fill modes, such as Horizontal, Vertical, and Radial.

Colors and Gradients:

Overlay colors and sprites on top of shapes to enhance visual appeal.

Utilize gradients, including Linear, Radial, and Corner, to create dynamic visual effects.

Animation and Customization:

Utilize Unity Animation and Timeline to bring your UI elements to life.

Implement tweening and scripting techniques for further customization.


MPUIkit supports all Render Pipelines in Unity.

It is compatible with different types of Canvases.

Works seamlessly with Unity Mask and UI Layout.

Compatible with both Standalone and Mobile platforms.


Benefit from GPU-based shape generation using Signed Distance Field (SDF) technique.

MPUIkit incurs no additional CPU overhead compared to basic Unity Image.

Shapes are rendered using minimal vertex count on Simple Quads.

Optimize draw calls by grouping multiple images with shared material.


Partial support for Soft Mask Asset is available. Learn more about its integration possibilities.

Other Features:

Demo scenes and comprehensive documentation are included to assist you.

Well-documented C# code provides insights into MPUIkit’s inner workings.

Enjoy an intuitive workflow with an easy-to-use editor and a clean scripting API.

Convert existing images to MPImage format effortlessly.

Comprehensive support is provided to address any questions or concerns.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

Please visit the Unity Asset Store to access detailed information:

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