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Ignis – Interactive Fire

Ignis – Interactive Fire System is a Unity asset that allows users to simulate realistic fire in their games and interactive projects. It provides a range of features and customization options to create dynamic and visually appealing fire effects.

Key features of Ignis – Interactive Fire include:

Easy setup:

With just a click, any object, vegetation, or skinned mesh with bones can be converted into a flammable object that can catch fire automatically.

Customizable flames:

Users can customize various aspects of the fire, such as color, length, burn time, liveliness, smoke, and more.

Wide compatibility:

Ignis supports solid 3D objects, vegetation, and animated objects with bones, providing flexibility in implementing fire effects across different elements in a scene.

Customization and automation:

Ignis allows users to customize the fire behavior to their specific needs. This includes options for Global Illumination, sound effects (SFX), defining flammable areas, and re-ignition.

Interaction with fire:

Users can interact with the fire using their own particles or raycasting techniques to ignite or extinguish flames. The fire also automatically responds to wind effects.

Custom triggers and event callbacks:

Ignis provides options to set up custom triggers and define event callbacks. This enables actions such as exploding a barrel after it has burned for a specific duration, destroying structures, or causing damage to the player.

Performance optimization:

Ignis offers three flame visual effects (VFX) options to optimize performance:

High Quality, Lightweight, and Lightweight Textured. Additionally, users can create their own VFX using Unity’s VFX graph, which ensures fast particle simulation on the GPU.

Sample scenes for different rendering pipelines:

Ignis includes ready-to-play sample scenes for Universal Render Pipeline (URP), High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), and Standard Render Pipeline (SRP). This allows users to quickly integrate the asset into their preferred rendering pipeline.

Open code/graphs:

The asset’s code is written in C#, and graphs are created using Unity’s graph editor, providing users with the ability to customize and extend Ignis according to their specific requirements.

Documentation and support:

Ignis comes with detailed documentation, including images and frequently updated FAQs. Users can also seek support through email or join the asset’s Discord channel for further assistance.

Ignis supports Visual Effects Graph (required version 7.3.1+) and works with all rendering pipelines. It is compatible with Unity 2019.3+.

Some limitations and notices to consider include the use of post-processing effects in the promotional material, models and scenes shown in the videos not being included in the asset, and certain compatibility issues with specific GPU configurations. The asset does not officially support Android, iOS, and WebGL platforms due to the Visual Effects Graph’s status in Unity’s preview for mobile platforms.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more details and to purchase a license for Ignis, you can visit the Unity Asset Store:

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