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Fire Smoke – Dynamic Nature

This pack offers a comprehensive collection of smoke, fire, and explosion prefabs and shaders, with support for HD, URP, and Standard render pipelines in Unity. It is compatible with Unity versions 2021.2 and higher, including various HD RP and URP versions.

Pack Details:

  • Compatible with Unity 2021.2 and higher versions.
  • Supports Unity 2021.2 HD RP, Unity 2021.2 URP, Unity 2021.3 and higher versions, Unity 2021.3 LTS HD RP, Unity 2021.3 LTS URP, Unity 2022, Unity 2022.1 HD RP, Unity 2022.1 URP, Unity 2022.2 HD RP, and Unity 2022.2 URP.
  • For HD or URP, import the pack into your project and then import the support pack found in the “HD and URP” folder. It will replace shaders, prefabs, and meshes to ensure compatibility with the respective render pipelines. Please refer to the included readme files for further instructions.
  • For Unity Standard, the pack requires a shader graph asset. You can import it through the Unity Package Manager.
  • Adds high-quality particle effects with low-performance cost to your project.
  • Includes a variety of smoke prefabs: 10 in 4 variants for Standard and URP, and 6 variants for HD RP. Additionally, there are 15 additional smoke examples with different shader setups.
  • Provides 14 mixed prefabs such as ashes, flames, embers, torches, and fire pits.
  • Offers 5 particle shaders that react to wind direction, speed, shivering, gusts, etc.
  • Includes Nature Manufacture wind script and prefabs for realistic wind interaction.
  • Provides HD and URP support files that replace prefabs, shaders, and materials to ensure compatibility with the respective render pipelines.
  • Contains a manual for fire and smoke shaders, aiding in their usage.
  • Features example models of fire pits and torches.
  • Includes 46 particle textures in resolutions ranging from 1024 to 2048.

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Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

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