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Modular 3D Text – In-Game 3D UI System

Introducing the Revolutionary 3D Text Mesh Builder – the ultimate tool for effortlessly creating captivating 3D UI experiences.

Are you searching for a game-changing solution, Modular 3D Text – In-Game 3D UI System to enhance your workflow and craft visually stunning games with unparalleled ease? Look no further than our cutting-edge asset, meticulously designed to streamline your creative process and optimize productivity. Our intuitive custom inspectors ensure seamless organization and unwavering focus on creating awe-inspiring games that captivate and engage your users. Thousands of satisfied customers have already harnessed the power of our Revolutionary 3D Text Mesh Builder, which has been enriching users’ experiences since January 2020 with regular updates for unrivaled performance and functionality.

???? Key Features ????

Discover the wealth of features offered by our 3D UI engine:

✅ Real-time Typing

Whether you’re in edit mode or play mode, effortlessly generate meshes as individual objects or a cohesive single mesh by simply typing in the inspector or through code.

✅ Powerful & Versatile 3D UI Elements

Experience a complete suite of 3D UI elements, surpassing Unity’s native 2D UI capabilities while offering unparalleled flexibility. Spend less time learning and more time being productive.

✅ 3D Layout Systems

Effortlessly organize 3D objects within your scene using our easily extendable and efficient layout system.

✅ Sample Scenes

Embark on your journey with 16 simple sample scenes that acquaint you with various asset features. Additionally, an interactive tutorial for modules and inspiring use cases await you.

✅ Modules

Leverage the power of Drag & Drop Modules to unlock new possibilities with your texts. These Scriptable objects enable animation, component addition/removal, and more. Even beginner coders can create modules hassle-free due to their straightforward structure.

✅ Fonts

Access a collection of 85 pre-built 3D fonts to give your texts a unique touch. Additionally, effortlessly create 3D fonts from TTF files within Unity. Designed for universal usability, simply click the “Create Font” button and select your font. Within seconds, your 3D font will be ready to save and use. You can even create 3D fonts runtime for added convenience!

✅ Input System

Seamlessly integrate with any input system of your choice. Our asset supports multiple input systems and offers modularity, enabling easy addition or removal of specific functionalities. Dissatisfied with the default input handling? Our user-friendly documentation empowers you to create your own input system implementation.

✅ Effortless Assembly Definition File Setup

Set up Assembly Definition Files effortlessly with a single click.

✅ Limitless Creativity with Material Freedom

Since our asset creates text meshes, you have the freedom to unleash your imagination and utilize the perfect material for your scene, compatible with any rendering pipeline you desire.

⚠ Known Limitations ⚠

Please note that the asset may not be compatible with certain languages or fonts such as Arabic and Bangla, which contain connected characters.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

Discover the full details and acquire your license from the Unity Asset Store: Asset Store Link:

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