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Clean & Minimalist GUI Pack

The Clean & Minimal GUI Collection is a comprehensive package of user interface (UI) elements and demos suitable for mobile games. The Clean & Minimal GUI Collection is a versatile package of UI elements for mobile games, featuring a sleek and minimalist design, compatible with various devices.

This asset Clean & Minimalist GUI is a versatile and user-friendly pack that serves as a solid foundation for creating visually appealing UIs in your games.

Clean & Minimal GUI Collection – WebGL Preview

???? Introducing the latest version 3.0!

We are thrilled to announce the biggest update to our pack yet. This version has undergone significant aesthetic enhancements and follows the best UI practices, including anchors and layout.

Version 3.0 introduces enhanced organization and structure, along with numerous new features and improvements. Does it now include independent prefabs for each fundamental UI element, a complete color palette, a new launcher scene, fresh avatar icons, and much more! ????

???? Key Features:

• Two included themes

The pack provides UI Demos with pre-built prefabs and scenes in two themes: Dark and Light.

• Prefabs for UI elements

Each UI element has its own independent prefab, allowing you to conveniently construct your own UI from scratch. Simply drag and drop the desired prefabs into your scene or utilize our pre-built UI popups as starting points.

• Essential UI elements

The pack contains Unity’s UI components: sliders, menus, checkboxes, toggles, and input fields.

• Pixel-perfect icons

Included are over 500 white icons and 13 avatar icons.

• Source files and mockups

All icons and mockups are available as layered .PSD files for advanced customization.

• Unique art and design

The pack features clean and professional art and design that seamlessly fits various game genres.

• Scalable sizes

Utilizing 9-sliced sprite borders, the pack allows you to scale images without distorting their geometry.

• Customizable colors

The white image backgrounds enable easy color changes and gradient additions.

• Two Color Palettes

The pack offers a color palette for the demo project and a complete color palette containing 132 colors for extensive customization.

• Gradient component

The Gradient component facilitates the creation of gradual color blends, providing a distinct visual appearance to your project.

• Game Controller icons

Icons for Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and PC game controllers in Dark and Light styles.

This UI pack offers game developers a comprehensive set of components, scripts, images, effects, and animations. It acts as a solid starting point for game creation, requiring additional programming for progress bars.

• Background images

Fifteen different neutral blurry backgrounds.

• Mobile-friendly

Supports all devices along with their orientation.

• Smooth animations

It features polished animations and effects suitable for a wide range of games.

• Included fonts

The pack incorporates fonts licensed under the Open Font License (OFL) and utilizes the provided TextMeshPro component.

• Sound effects

Sound effects for buttons are included under the Creative Commons 0 License (CC0), along with their respective credits.

• Full C# source code

The complete demo project showcases how the pack’s contents can be utilized in real-world projects, including C# source code, prefabs, and animations.


This UI pack includes components, scripts, images, effects, and animations for game development. It provides a foundation for creating your own games. Additional programming is needed for game-specific features like progress bars.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

For more details and to purchase the license, visit the Unity Asset Store.

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