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Cartoon GUI Pack

The Cartoon GUI Pack is a versatile game UI pack designed for mobile games. It provides a collection of essential UI elements, icons, and prefabs that can be easily customized to create professional and playful cartoon-style game interfaces. The pack includes full C# source code, allowing developers to tailor the UI to their specific needs.

New Release:

The recently released version 2.0 of the Cartoon GUI Pack brings significant improvements. The entire project has been enhanced aesthetically and aligned with best UI practices, such as anchors and layout. This update offers improved organization and structure, enhanced animations, independent prefabs for each fundamental UI element, new icons and avatars, and various other features and enhancements.


Included in the package are sound effects and animations under the Creative Commons 0 License (CC0). These sound effects enhance the user experience, while animations bring buttons, popups, and end-game popups to life with captivating visuals.

Unique art and design:

The pack provides professional and visually appealing art and design suitable for all types of games.

Pixel perfect icons:

It includes over 210 colored icons, 120 white icons, and 12 avatar icons, all designed with precision.

Portrait level map:

The pack offers three portrait-level map images that can be tiled for infinite scrolling, along with an additional cloud cover image.

PSD source files and mockups:

In addition to PNG images, icons are provided in vectorial SVG and PSD formats. Mockups and Level Maps are available as layered PSD files, enabling advanced customization.

Easy customization:

The pack utilizes 9-sliced sprite borders and white image backgrounds, allowing for easy resizing and color changes. The button images are available in various colors, making it convenient to select a new color scheme.

UI elements as prefabs:

Each UI element is provided as an independent prefab, facilitating the creation of custom user interfaces. Users can drag and drop desired prefabs into their scenes or use pre-built UI popups as a starting point.

Essential UI elements:

The pack includes Unity’s built-in UI components, such as sliders, drop-down menus, checkboxes, toggles, input fields, and buttons. Additionally, it provides essential UI components like popup openers, scene transitions, color and sprite swappers, sound managers, and music managers.

Included fonts:

The pack includes fonts licensed under the Open Font License (OFL) and utilizes the TextMeshPro component for text rendering.

This level of adaptability ensures excellent compatibility with mobile devices, enhancing the overall usability of your applications or games.

Full C# source code:

The pack includes a complete demo project that demonstrates how to utilize its contents in a real-world project. The project includes full C# source code, prefabs, and animations.

It’s important to note that while the Cartoon GUI Pack provides a wide range of graphical UI assets, specific game-related features such as progress bars may require additional programming work. Documentation for this asset is also available on the unity store as well.


Please note that we intend these files for learning purposes or as a trial before purchasing the full commercial version. Using these assets for commercial purposes without proper licensing is strictly prohibited.

To learn more about the Cartoon GUI Pack and its offerings, you can visit the Unity Asset Store page at this link:

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