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Kitbash3D – Treasure Island

Description Make port in a pirate’s paradise with exquisitely detailed wharfs, saloons, markets, battlements, churches, and Spanish-style manors of Kitbash3D – Treasure Island. With its majestic ship that’s sure to.

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Residential Buildings Pack

Description This Residential Buildings Pack contains 30 different USA style residential homes (exteriors), 30 garages (1 for each), a small-town chapel, modular road system, props, modular driveways, a total of.

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Procedural Generation Grid (Beta)

Description This Procedural Generation Grid (Beta) does require logic understanding, similar like for visual scripting, but it don’t need coding skills. Please take quick look at quick overview and/or tutorials.

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2D Urban / City 4K Art Pack

Description This 2D Urban / City 4K Art Pack would be great for a 2D Platformer or a Side Scrolling Endless Runner! The included demo scenes will help you see.

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HQ Abandoned School (Modular)

Description HQ Abandoned School (Modular) is a completely modular flexible set of 3D-models, textures, materials and shaders that will let you dive into an atmospheric abandoned place of the previous.

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